Selling your home can be a smooth process if it is done correctly. When you are well informed it makes decision-making and the whole experience easier for both client and agent. There are some key points when selling to get the highest price, in the least amount of time with the least inconvenience to the seller. Location, price and condition affects the sale price of a house.

Location: Depending on where your home is located; downtown, suburbs, rural communities and even where it is located on the actual streets - main street, corner lot, on a side road, the perceived prestige of certain areas - it all matters in determining the type of buyer that will be attracted to the property.

Price: Agents use comparable properties in the same general area to arrive at fair market value. A comparative market analysis is done by assessing similar properties to the subject property which are found on the Multiple Listing Services system. Pricing the property realistically is a very important step in achieving maximum price in the least amount of time.

Condition: The condition of the home also can dictate the price. If a home in the neighborhood is in poor condition when compared to another similar property the house that is in good condition or which may have more upgrades will be more saleable and in many cases net more. Staging the house for selling is advised for maximum returns. Before you go ahead and spend, however, there are certain renovations that bring about higher returns. Some improvements do not fetch as much returns as others and may be seen as improvements that were for the owner's personal benefit rather than the buyers. It is wise to speak to your agent to find out where your money should be spent.